Voodoo3 2000/3000 AGP/PCI

Windows 95/98/ME 1.06.00 WHQL Drivers

Updated: November 6, 2000
What's New in Version 1.06.00 WHQL
  1. OpenGL Improvements for Quake 3 performance on Celeron, Pentium Pro, Pentium II's, and Pentium MMX and Non-MMX.
  2. Various game fixes, major ones highlight below.
  3. Fixed Half-Life (OGL) quitting after escaping problem.
  4. Fixed Z Buffer problem with Homeworld, Deer Hunter 3, Eurofighter Typhoon, Jane's USAF
  5. Fixed FAKK2 texture problem.
  6. Fixed Soldier of Fortune texture drop problem.
  7. Fixed numerous Serious Sam bugs.

Driver Versions
  • Voodoo3(tm) Driver kit: 1.06.00 WHQL
  • Voodoo3 Win9x 2D/3D Display Drivers:
  • Glide(tm) 2.X Driver:
  • Voodoo3 Glide(tm) 2.X Driver:
  • Voodoo3 Glide 3.X Driver:
  • OpenGL(r) Driver Version: ICD
  • Voodoo3 3dfx Tools:

System Requirements
  • Voodoo3 2000/3000 AGP/PCI video card
  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • 16 MB of memory
  • Microsoft DirectX 7.x runtime
  • Intel(r) or AMD(r) compatible CPU

Installation Instructions
NOTE: For complete instructions on how to install these drivers on a fresh installation of the video card, please consult the readme.txt found in the driver kit.
  1. Download file to your hard disk.
  2. Double click on the driver file and follow online instructions.
  3. Install DirectX 7.x from Microsoft.