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Page updated - 13/10/2009

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This Page contains Links to 3dfx Related Sites...
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other 3dfx Sites containing Drivers / Bios / Tools / Information


Brief Description

The VoodooFiles Forums : 3dfx Help Page
comprehensive 3dfx hints & solutions, extensive FAQ

Home of AmigaMerlin and 3dfxzone Driver team

The Dodge Garage 3dfx Collection
most comprehensive 3dfx Info Site,massive Gallery

Stanto's Voodoo Bios's
No.1 Reference Site for everything Bios related

Museo 3dfx - "Il Mito continua"
Oskhar's 3dfx Site with dedicated Voodoo 5 6000 content

Drivers, Image Gallery, 3dfx Infos, Forum (Cz)

Colourless GlideXP Project Site
New and optimized Glide Core Files

Koolsmoky Projects Site
New and optimized Glide Core Files

Glide64 Project Site
3dfx Glide3x API Plugin for N64 Emulator

Lewpy's GPU Glide3 Plugin
Emulator Glide Plugin Project

Fast Eddy's
Tools, Manuals, SLI Info's and Voodoo2 Pinouts

3dfx Banshee Info Site
Old but holds lots of useful Information

Wirehead's Rush News
Info's about the Voodoo Rush

Raziel64 BansheeXP Project Site
Drivers, misc. Files, compatibility lists, Forum

The Unofficial Banshee Guide
Extensive Info's about 3dfx Banshee

Drivers, Articles, FAQ's

Rashly Productions
Driver, Bios, Detailed 3dfx Info's

BansheeDrivers' Site
Banshee Drivers, Bios, FAQ's

Drivers, Troubleshooting, Installation, Info's, Guides

Voodoo Clan
Benchmarks, Drivers, Forum

x3dfx InfoNews
Drivers, Benchmarks

Drivers, Articles

3dfx KM.RU
Drivers, Articles, Forum

Drivers, Bios, Articles, Test, Forum

Bios, Documentation, Forum

Linux Voodoo3 TV Project

NuAngel's Helping Hand
Drivers, Forum

Kanajana's Mechwarrior 2 3D Page
Tips and resources also for many other, older Cards

3D Spotlight
3dfx Voodoo3/Voodoo5 Tweak Guides

TC's Voodoo Page
Driver Guides, Benchmarks, Bios, Overclocking

3dfx Archive
Working copy of the old 3dfx Site, large File Archive

Voodoo Shack
Drivers, Articles, large 3dfx Image Archive

3dfx 4 XP
WinXP Driver Archive

NT Compatible
Win2k/XP compatible Drivers, also for old 3dfx cards

Drivers (OmegaDrive series)

Drivers, Forum

The x3dfx Community

Drivers, Documentation, rare Files

Daniel Hagmann
3dfx Assembler Programming

Clan MacGaming
Mac Voodoo Drivers and Resources

Plasma Online
No.1 Reference Site for identifying your 3dfx card

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